i'm gregzi.

I'm making fresh designs, websites with the power of nocode tools and several digital and offline products.

My name is Gergő or more commonly known, I'm Gregzi. I grew up in a small town called Gyöngyös and then moved to Szeged for university. These were the years when I started to make a closer friendship with design. After a few very pleasant years I moved to Budapest where I started to build up my business. First, as a freelancer, but nowadays I have a very own creative design studio.

What am I doing? Well, first I create branding for startups and companys. Secondly I design, build and ship them websites, with the power of nocode tools, like Framer and Webflow. And finally, all in all I'm an artist & designer, who creates several digital and offline stuffs.

“He builds blazingly fast, communicates clearly, and offers fair rates”

“I have worked with Gergely on a variety of projects. If I ever need more help with a Webflow project, I will get his help again.”


Founder | Parade
Seattle, Washington, USA

“Highly recommend for a fast, professional job!”

"Gergely was incredibly fast, delivering our website in just a few days and making many edits to our satisfaction.”


Founder | Eventual
San Francisco, California, USA

“He did a very good job and accomplished our ideas perfectly.”

“At the beginning, we needed a fresh brand and website. We have used his work several times since then.”


COO | Menten AI
San Francisco, California, USA

“He was available at all times and did everything for success.”

“We owe special thanks to Gregzi for creating our registration website and planning our event. I am happy to work with him in the future.”


HR Generalist | Kischemicals Kft.
Sajóbábony, Hungary

©2023 gregzi. All rights reserved. Privacy policy.

©2023 gregzi. All rights reserved. Privacy policy.

©2023 gregzi. All rights reserved. Privacy policy.