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Talentspot is a recruitment company that commissioned us to design a website. Our goal was to create a very simple, clear and easy-to-use one-page interface where we can display the currently available job opportunities for visitors.


webdesign, website build in Webflow


Budapest, Hungary

When developing the design of the website, we strove for minimalism so that users can easily and quickly review the necessary information. On the page, visitors are greeted by a large image with the Talentspot logo and a short message that presents the company's activities. There is a menu bar in the header of the page, where visitors can review the job opportunities offered, as well as the introduction of the employees.

The website was built in Webflow, which is one of the best solutions nowadays. The company's employees can easily manage and modify the content in the future, and a Webflow-based website is also very favorable from the SEO point of view.

Overall, Talentspot's website is a simple but effective solution for mediating the company's employees and displaying job opportunities. The minimalist design and transparent structure guarantee user satisfaction and provide easy handling.

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©2023 gregzi. All rights reserved. Privacy policy.

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